Theatromania Reviews “That’s What She Said”

Here’s an tidbit from the Theatreomania review of the 2011 Stand Up For Your Sisters show, “That’s What She Said”, which featured many of the West End Girls comics.

Hosted by the adorably goofy Laurie Elliott, the show featured a fantastic lineup of gut-busting gals, including Munzia Rauf, Rhiannon Archer, Becky Bays, Daniela Saioni, Dawn Whitwell, Marilla Wex, Shelley Kidwell, Lianne Maudalin and headliner Nikki Payne. Not to mention a priceless performance by Sandra Shamas (seen above sporting a pair of gag glasses). We got a taste of some of the material from Shamas’ new show Love Life , which opens on February 16, 2011 at the Winter Garden Theatre.

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